Writing a Business Dissertation

Writing a Business Dissertation

Finding the topic

Every student at the point of writing a dissertation is gradually coming to the end of their educational pursuit for the moment. The essence of the paper is to build capacity for research, showcase skills and implement the things you have been learning. At present, finding a topic for a business dissertation or any dissertation at all is no child’s play. In addition to the fact that your writing must be rich in value and be original, the topic should touch the core values that your discipline stands for.

The term dissertation is used for the final project of a PhD student, so let’s be clear on how it differs from a thesis. The process is often the same, but the class of degree varies. To streamline your choice of a suitable topic, avoid touching areas of business that you’re not passionate about. Instead, focus on your favorite aspects.

Your choice should be guided by the work of people that have gone ahead of you. Reading and reviewing their work helps you examine the subject critically and objectively. When writing, you may be using their perspectives, so keeping records of all your reviews is vital as the information you’re getting from it.

Things to consider when picking a Topic

  • Originality. The topic should be one that is unique to your work alone.
  • Acceptable to the dissertation committee because every institution has one.
  • Focus on your field.
  • Be researchable and sustain an in-depth study.

Structuring your Business Dissertation

Your theme should answer the following:

  • What problem in business does your dissertation seek to tackle?
  • Why is it a problem for the field and the academic circle you belong to?
  • Why is finding a solution as crucial as identifying the problem?
  • How will you get answers to these questions?

These questions are essential for choosing a unique and reasonable topic. The topic should cover a range of ideas that will lead to a hypothesis to be validated through statistics.

Common challenges students face when writing a business dissertation:

  • Procrastination. Students think that there’s plenty of time to work on whatever and they keep postponing till a later date. This is one of the reasons people find themselves in a load of stress while writing their dissertation. They didn’t do something at the right time.
  • Deficient research. At an age where research tools are vast and so easy to come by, students still don’t get much research done. Sometimes, this is as a result of their inability to optimize a tool fully. Other times, it’s because access to some tools is quite restricted. Also, this happens when a student is not ready to read far.
  • Lack of writing skills. Like any other academic paper, a dissertation follows a list of guidelines. It would help if you wrote in a specific form, style and language that conforms to the acceptable rule.

Dissertation writing is an overwhelming process. Most students start with enthusiasm but despair as they progress. Tackle the process step after step and stay committed; it promises to be rewarding.