Master’s Thesis Writing Guide

Writing a thesis is part of the degree requirement in every educational institute. Whether it is for a doctoral, master, or even bachelor’s studies. The thesis comprises your research problem and how you solve it. It is important from an academic point of view. Every student has to deal with thesis writing and has to present it to the faculty members. It is a great way to judges student’s capabilities of critical and analytical thinking.

Thinking about thesis, this title is usually used for master’s degree students, not for the doctoral degree. Dissertation term is specifically used for doctoral degree students and is quite an extensive research and writing process. The research study of masters is of 1 year so the student has to write every detail of work that he or she has done in one year. However, doctoral students are totally on another level and research of three or four years.

Master’s thesis is defended in front of few faculty members and even they assign you a supervisor that will help and guide you through your research. The general aspects of writing a thesis are the same which includes the following points:

  • Introduction – It includes your research problem, its history, and your hypothesis.
  • Literature review – It consists of critically analyzing the data and add your opinions to it. Also, the work of previous researchers is cited in this section.
  • Methodology – it consists of your method, data collection data, any model of statistical data you use, and much more.
  • Results – Describe your findings in detail. Explain what parameters you have chosen and why.
  • Conclusion – The last step is a conclusion in which you need to evaluate the data and give statements about your hypothesis. Describe its limitations and discuss prospects.

Scope of thesis

A thesis is not a burden; it is an opportunity to reevaluate yourself and see to what position you are standing. Writing a thesis can be hard but once you know which section covers which type of information then it will be easier for you to write one. The most important thing is to research the topic.

The topic of your thesis should be of your interest so that you can explore it more and enjoy the study time. Although it is not comparable to a dissertation still a master’s level it will difficult for the student to extensively cover the topic. One of the main reasons is the research time. The more time you get, the more effort you have to put in to make it great.


Writing a thesis will require hard work, skills, and time. It is different from writing a dissertation as it does not involve many people and you may not get the chance to publish your paper. However, make the topic comprehensible for others and follow the academic rules. Strict to your department’s requirement while writing a thesis. You can even ask your supervisor for guidance. Follow the general structure of the thesis and think of writing a great one.

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