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    Tonga big picture

    Tonga’s first democratically elected Parliament with new constitution who gives the Prime Minister to appoint the cabinet..

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    Lord Vaea Introduction to Local Government

    The Government of Tonga appreciates support for our plans to achieve the long term outcome of more effective participation...

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    Empowering Tongan women

    A day after pro-democracy protesters torched and looted up to 80 per cent of the buildings in the city's business district.

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    Guide to Local Govt

    Society, culture, Parliament, government and economy shape the national and local life of the people in the villages, towns and districts of Tonga.

Good citizens should be aware of these changes, should consider the implications and be quick to seize the opportunities now...

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Time for private and public sector organisations with a commitment to comprehensive citizenship education to join forces says the Director...

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Development journalism topics

An Indian woman from the small North Island New Zealand town of Martinborough chose the pre-Christmas 2013 retail rush to promote a blend of olive oil and vanilla pods, crushed together to make “aromatic oil”.

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Citizenship education pamphlet

Impartial public service advice for governments. Ministers need a professional, impartial public service, represented by a chief executive...

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