Chicago Style Guide for Thesis & Dissertation

Writing a thesis or dissertation is part of a degree requirement. To complete it you have to submit the thesis to your department which is the detailed explanation of your research work. This is an opportunity provide to students to enhance their skills of research, abilities and contribute to society. The thesis consists of arguments in which you state your valid reasons. These arguments should be cited to know the authenticity of it. Here is the complete guide of the use of the Chicago reference style and writing of the thesis.

Phases of writing thesis or dissertation

  1. Writing part

Writing of dissertation or thesis is time taking process and you have to do an analysis in it which is difficult. But that doesn’t mean you have to write constantly without taking breaks. Don’t do this and take some rest. This will generate new ideas in your mind. The thesis is divided into the following parts:

Introduction – It contains the history and background knowledge of your research topic and field. You have to state your hypothesis and problem of statement in it.

Review the literature – This section is the longest in which you have to study the literature of the topic and do an in-depth analysis of it. This part is tough to do so most of the students write it at the end of their dissertation.

Methods of conducting research – This is the third chapter in which methods of study are described. The data is determined whether it is qualitative or quantitative.

Results of research – This is the section where you will share your outcomes of doing research. You will have to share an analysis of the findings and have to related to the hypothesis whether it is true or not. This section answers your questions about the problem.

Referencing style – The last chapter is of references in which you have to add citation it. Most of the citations are needed in part of the literature review and introduction. There is a various style of reference in which Chicago is one of them.

The citation from three sources is to be in printed form, available on any database or any website. The general format of the Chicago style as follows, we can also use this example if the paper is printed.

“Last name of the author, First, and middle. (Title of thesis or paper). Name of degree, institute’s name, year of publication”

If you are getting a citation from the database then write the name of the database at the end with the accession number in the bracket. If the paper is cited from any website, then follow the general pattern any add URL of the website.

  1. Defense part

This stage of the dissertation or thesis is to present your study and findings in the meeting of committee members. You have to defend yourself by giving answers to the questions logically. The committee member will see your confidence, skills, abilities, and academic contribution based on which they have to decide to pass you on the defense or not.  

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