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Media formats for citizenship education

Different objectives may be appropriately served by different traditional and modern publishing formats. The formats used for New Zealand DecisionMaker Guides since 1990 have included unbound A4 mono coloured sheets in folders, 132 page four colour burst bound composite volumes, 16 and 20 page staple bound magazines, CD and DVD discs enclosed back of composite books and with booklets in plastic cases, films, websites, workbooks, leaflets, pamphlets and newspaper articles.  The circulation of print editions ranged from 5,000-10,000 and DVD and CD editions ranged from 3,000-10,000 for audiences in New Zealand’s population of four million people. Tonga’s 2014 objectives, for audiences largely in its 100,000 Tonga resident population included Guides to Local Government, and media training.

The 2013 objective for the Tonga Guide to Local Government (TGLG) was that the publication would provide knowledge and skills primarily to Tongan town and district officers, staff of government ministries, Parliamentarians, schools, media and international donors.

In 2013 senior Tongan local government officials assessed that their objectives could be met through websites, leaflets and print editions. CCE held initial scoping discussions with web designers, page makers, print designers and printers.

Sample, and eventually all content yet to be written, could be prepared to build on the CCE’s decade old introduction in the DecisionMaker Pacific Citizens edition  The placeholder has been recently placed at to assist planning.

CCE and Tongan local government senior officials assumed that a web edition would be appropriately the first edition to be published in the TGLG project, and would reach some of the Tongan and donor audience.

Some of the inputs to the web edition would be inputs to editions in other media.

The next steps in the method DecisionMaker would use would include:

Prepress and web

Establishing house styles for pagemaking

  • Word length that would work in a web format, and be adaptable to an A4 print page, e.g. 500 word per page
  • Typeface and styles
  • Headlines
  • Bylines, author and photographer credits
  • Branded editorial credits
  • Logos, other branding
  • Pictures
  • Captions
  • Find out more
  • Links
    • Other sites, including
    • Tongan sites
    • Local government references
    • Youtube

Establishing training arrangements

  • Course outline
  • Curricula
  • Mentoring
  • Human resource management

Establishing part time researcher arrangement

  • topics

Establishing part time writer arrangements

  • Establishing applicability of APEN style guide
    • Adapt for Tongan/English bilingual use
    • Briefings for writers

Establishing visuals arrangements

  • Stock photos
  • Commissioned photos
  • Photo budget

Establishing sub-editing arrangements

  • Procedures and timing

Establishing web placement arrangements

  • Web design changes
  • Web management
  • Web updating

Establishing pagemaker options

  • Appropriate personal skills
  • Appropriate web and print edition software, e.g. wordpress, indesign

Establishing printer options

  • Paper weight, resilience
  • Production liaison
  • Appropriate technologies

Establishing quality control arrangements

  • Publishing management
  • Timetabling
  • Prepress and web budget

Leaflet edition

When content, substantially from part time writers, has been placed on the web, it can be published in the first print edition – the A4 leaflet.

Establishing leaflet publication strategy

  • Fine points of house style
    • Colour
    • Ratio of text to visual
    • Subediting
    • Circulation
    • Publishing management
    • Leaflet A4, 2 and 4 pp budget

Establishing 16 page A4 booklet publication strategy

  • Subediting
  • Printing imposition
  • Binding
  • Circulation
  • Publishing management
  • 16 page booklet budget

Establishing 132 page A4 composite book publication strategy

  • Subediting
  • Printing imposition
  • Binding
  • Circulation
  • Publishing management
  • 132 page composite book budget

Other editions for optional strategies and budgets

  • Digital, talking heads, for tv and for powerpoint instructional use
  • E-learning tools

Media format options introduced here support the proposal for the Tonga Guide to Local Government. They also can be applied for proposals to publish media training resources, and selected other titles.

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