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Financing strategy for citizenship education

Citizenship education projects may be bulk funded or multi-client funded. The bulk funding approach enables a coherent editorial strategy. The DecisionMaker series for New Zealand was predominantly multi-client funded, with Parliamentary Service contributing $NZ70,000 in 2003 following a conscious decision by the Speaker to support a coherent approach to core content planning. The typical cost of New Zealand DecisionMaker Guides in the term of one Parliament was $NZ200,000, with contributions by the majority of government and Parliamentary agencies ranging from $3000 to $20,000. The desire of these contributors to tie their funding to pages of briefings, profiles or case studies about themselves caused the incoherence – but also meant citizens were given content on parts of the whole of government. The cost of making space sales to the potential participants in the publishing project was high, and diverted energy away from content design and editorial development to practical management. The DecisionMaker experience leads to CCE’s recommendation that bulk funding be provided to enable the publication of editions with well-planned content, format and distribution. CCE also encourages the adding of value by multiple funders, and invitations by champions and the publisher to others to participate.

Budgets, reflecting preferred editions, should be prepared and presented with proposals to prospective funders.

This briiefing, from a Pacific Islands Citizenship Education Capacity Building Programme 2013-2016 (PICE) series in from Anthony Haas, Asia Pacific Economic News representative in the NZ Parliament’s Press Gallery and Director, Centre for Citizenship Education), is supported by the Commonwealth Foundation and the Tongan Office of the Clerk.

Opinion is the responsibility of Anthony Haas,, not of the supporting institutions.

Updated 6 February 2014

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