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Dissemination of citizenship education resources

The audience needs to be at the centre of appropriate citizenship education project publishing management. This was arguably the secret of the success of the DecisionMaker series post-election New Zealand editions. The distribution and circulation management plan was published up front in the 2003 DecisionMaker/Kaiwhakatau Guide to Parliament and Government/He Arahi e pa ana kit e Whare Paremata me te Kawanatanga.

“The DecisionMaker Guide to Parliament and Government has an established role and presence in formal and continuing education on civics and citizenship – and the distribution of core and supplementary editions reflects that tradition. 5000 print and 4000 cd-rom copies are distributed to:

  • Members of Parliament, Parliamentary Service
  • Central and local government management
  • Citizens advice bureaux, consumer organisations, migrant resource services
  • Schools, universities, teachers, trainers, churches, media
  • Members of the Youth Parliament
  • Health and disability management, clinicians
  • New Zealand diplomats, overseas diplomats in New Zealand
  • New Zealand and Australian business leaders, finance services, lawyers.

Access is also available on Book Marketing and Distribution made the Guide available to libraries, the book trade and by mail order for $NZ29.95 for the book at $NZ10 for the cd-rom, including gst and postage.”

The dissemination management of the TGLG should make comparable arrangements for distribution and circulation, adjusting the arrangements to take account of culturally specific and contemporary needs. Management should take account of the marginal cost of printing – using the opportunity to provide deeper distribution, such as providing free sets for school classes and other appropriate audiences.

Dissemination should also be developed for core and supplementary editions through social and other modern media.


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