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Tonga citizenship education pamphlet

Contents of the CCE citizenship education pamphlet series:

1    Political reform in Tonga
2    Democracy
3    Citizenship
4    Political parties
5    Local government
6    Young citizens
7    World citizens

Further pamphlets suggested for the series

8    Citizens and change
9    Political structure of Tonga
10    Legal institutions
11    Government and the economy
12    Trade, investment, tourism
13    Working democracies
14    Tongans overseas
15    Pacific citizens

The pamphlet series is offered to suggest ideas and pointers that tutors, the media and others might develop themselves when providing citizenship education to their own audiences.

CCE non Tongan contributors may write more pamphlets, and more briefings, profiles and case studies, for wider audiences.

Tongan specialists may like to plan and communicate further in such pamphlets and in other ways.

CCE’s emphasis is on Tongans teaching Tongans.

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