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Pacific Islands Citizenship Education Capacity Building Programme conclusion 2013-14

  • COOPERATION: The cooperation in designing the establishment Tonga Guide to Local Government (TGLG), and creating the UNDP supported leaflet, was the main achievement of the 2013 2014 Pacific Islands Citizenship Education Capacity Building Programme (PICE).
  • LOCAL GOVERNMENT: Working papers flowing from interaction, accessible in the media tab of “The big picture” in are being used to inform foundation and new participants in the TGLG design project. The draft working papers provide a roadmap for members of teams to write and publish the TGLG. The process of cooperation helped the Tongan minister of local government and MPs to identify emergent issues – such as the need to foster resilience and to show stakeholders ways to rebuild cyclone ravaged Ha’apai island communities.
  • INTERNSHIPS FOR PACIFIC IN NZ PRESS GALLERY: The inauguration of the press gallery internship was an achievement of potential long term value for Pacific and New Zealand, despite the disappointment in the intern’s reporting performance.
  • JOURNALISM TRAINING: The preparation of training briefings for media, published in the media tab of the, was an achievement that can be extended in updates and new topics, and in reformatting in e-learning editions.
  • DEVELOP STRONG LOCAL NGO FOR CITIZENSHIP EDUCATION: The main disappointment for the PICE Programme was the slow take up of ideas to establish a strong local ngo with the capacity to generate local citizenship education and to self- manage. CCE was interested to learn from EU officials that they thought Tongan ngos showed low capacity in citizenship education, and needed to overcome this challenge. The EU officials’ advice to CCE was to foster local government and ngo inputs to citizenship education, and thus sustainability with inputs but not permanent crutches from international donors.
  • MANAGERIAL LESSONS: The lessons can be drawn from the project team and the Tongan beneficiaries of PICE. Some are managerial practical, some are cultural. Managerial lessons in the internship apply to the Tongan office of the Clerk, NZ MFAT donors and the Media Council of Tonga, and can be reflected in CCE and TAC’s redesign of the internship. For example, selection and reporting criteria should be developed.
  • BUILD TONGA CENTRE FOR CITIZENSHIP EDUCATION: Strategically, PICE considers it appropriate to update efforts to create a Tonga Centre for Citizenship Education, short, medium and long term plans, with policy, resource, professional, management and institutional development features.
  • By Anthony Haas, Director CCE and PICE,1July, 2014,